Collection of general purpose networking libraries used to implement RSocket-JVM, optimized mainly for throughput/latency performance.
MESSAGE STREAMS / RSOCKET-JVM. Very fast GRPC-like & GRPC-compatible services on JVM with rich streaming model over multiple network transports. [1]. Millions of requests/messages per core with each interaction model, million of simultaneous streams served with commodity PC.
NETTY-WEBSOCKET-HTTP1. Alternative Netty implementation of RFC6455 - the WebSocket protocol. [2]. Its advantage is significant per-core throughput improvement (1.8 - 2x) for small frames in comparison to netty's out-of-the-box websocket codecs, and minimal heap allocations on frame path. Compatible with netty-websocket-http2.
NETTY-WEBSOCKET-HTTP2. Netty based implementation of rfc8441 - bootstrapping websockets with http/2 [3] . Library addresses 2 use cases: for application servers and clients, It is transparent use of existing http1 websocket handlers on top of http2 streams; for gateways/proxies, It is websockets-over-http2 support with no http1 dependencies and minimal overhead. Compatible with netty-websocket-http1.
NETTY-VMSOCKET. Implementation of Netty channels for VM sockets (aka VSOCK address family) [4].